ECBS Bylaws

Article I: Name
The name of this organization is the Emerald Coast Bead Society. Here in after referred to as ECBS.

Article II: Mission Statement
We are dedicated to the education of the artistic, historic, and cultural importance and promotion of beadwork as an art form.

 Article III: Membership
Section I: Membership is open to all persons interested in the creation, stringing, and importance of beads. This is anyone interested in the purpose of this society.
a) A person becomes a member upon payment of dues.
b) Full amount due no matter when the person joins the society.
c) Dues are $35 a year per person. Potential members may visit once or pay a $5 fee for each subsequent meeting or workshop attended.
d) Show eligibility requires that a person be a member of good standing, pay any fees requested for table rental, and any other fees as determined by the board and general meeting.
e) All members are encouraged to recruit new members.
f) A member can resign at any time but will receive no refunds of dues.

Section II: Revocation of Membership
a) Reasons for revocation would include stealing, cheating, and dishonest behavior.
b) Also, behavior or actions that is harmful to other members of ECBS.
c) Revocation will be handled by the board and must have a unanimous vote in order to revoke membership.

Section III: Shows
a) Shows are a separate entity. All decisions regarding the show are decided by the show chair, the board and show committee (consisting of members from the general membership).

Article IV: Meetings
Section I: Meetings
a) Meetings will consist of an agenda to address new and old business.
b) Meetings can also include workshops, programs, and vendors.
c) Special meetings can be called and these can include teaching workshops.

Section II: Workshops
a) Workshops that require expenditures must be presented to the board for approval. Written proposal will be submitted to the board for consideration. Board members can provide additional information on what is needed in the proposal.
b) The workshops will be promoted and evaluated
c) Voting decisions will be based on members present at the general meeting. In order to vote, a member must be present.

Article V: Officers (Nomination of and Voting for)
a) Nominations for officers will take place at the general meeting in October.
b) Persons nominated must have accepted nomination.
c) Voting will take place annually at the November meeting.
d) Committees will be set up as needed.

Article VI: Officers, duties, & Standing Board members
Section I: General – Officers will serve one year terms. Incoming and out going will meet at the January board meeting to exchange information.

Section II: Elected
A) President – voting
a. Preside at all general meetings and board meetings.
b. Appoint standing board members in accordance with recommendations and with concurrence (nominations and seconds).
c. Be ex-officio member of all committees except nominating.
d. Prepare agenda of business to be brought up at each monthly meeting
e. Serve as official representative of ECBS.
f. Be willing to delegate to be sure all jobs get done.
B) Vice-President – voting
a. Attend all general meetings and board meetings.
b. Assume duties of president in his/her absence.
c. Coordinate planning of programs and workshops with the assistance of the board, special workshop coordinator, monthly program
coordinator and members wishing to participate.
d. Promote membership development.
C) Recording Secretary – voting
a. Attend all general meetings and board meetings.
b. Record proceedings of meetings, both general and board.
c. Prepare minutes.
d. Maintain a current copy of By-Laws and a listing of membership, and actions on matters of potential relevance to By-Laws.
e. Stand in for the president and vice-president should both be absent
f. Present mail and e-mail to the board.
g. Mail interested parties membership packets (copy of newsletter) when deemed necessary.
h. When called upon, can delegate duties.
i. Process membership applications promptly.
j. Forward all fees to treasurer.
k. Maintain current membership list and make such list available to new members at general meetings.
D) Treasurer – voting
a. Attend general meetings and board meetings.
b. Collect dues and fees.
c. Care for society’s funds.
d. Keep accurate records of receipts and payments.
e. Be sure board approves checks of $100 and the general meeting approves checks over $500
f. Keep funds in approved bank.
g. Pay bills promptly.
h. Provide secretary and newsletter editor with necessary information to maintain current membership business and mailing lists.
i. Provide monthly report to Board and at least a quarterly report to the general membership on current status, to include expenditures,
receipts, and funds available.
E) Newsletter editor – voting
a. Communicate timely news of local, state, and national bead events.
b. Prepare publication and mail issues of ECBS newsletter.
c. Publicity
F) Workshop coordinator – voting
a. Schedule and plan workshop after review and approval by board.
b. Details such as self-supporting, cost, dates, class size, time, place, and other particulars will be contained in proposals.
c. Notify newsletter editor of workshops and other pertinent information. Inform newsletter editor of events in time for publication
d. Review workshops with worksheets and present to board and general meetings.
e. Plan programs to concur with monthly meetings.
G) Hospitality Chair – voting
a. Meet and great members at monthly meetings.
b. Obtain volunteers to provide refreshments at monthly meetings.
c. Supervise set up and clean up.
d. Coordinate social events, i.e. Christmas Party.
e. Keep track of visitors.
f. Obtain volunteers.
g. Remind people of bead jar.
H) Show chair/special event – voting
a. Coordinate with bazaar volunteers to conduct bead festivals and bazaars.
b. Approach members to volunteer for the following:
i. Set up
ii. Gate keepers/door prizes
iii. Runners (assist vendors as needed)
iv. Membership (explain bead society and write receipts for dues collected from new members)
v. Help with displays
vi. Other positions as needed
vii. In training co-chair
c. Responsible for arranging local exhibition of ECBS work.
d. Approach members regarding loan of beads and/or beadwork for exhibition.
e. Supervise set up and take down
f. Write press releases for local, on-line, and national sources.
J) Internet coordinator – voting
a. Update website.
b. Up load copies of newsletter to site.
c. Scan and upload photographs of beads and/or beadwork by members.
d. Teach next person
K) Such permanent or temporary offices deemed necessary by the membership or the board.

Article VII: Elections
Section I: Elections
a) Officers elected at the annual meeting in November with assumption in January.
b) Officers shall serve on year terms with a maximum of three consecutive years in the same office.

Section II: Nominating Committee
a) Consist of one immediate past president and two volunteers consisting of board members who have volunteered and at-large members who have volunteered. Must consist numerically of 3/5.
b) Slate to be announced in the newsletter.

Section III: Voting
a) Present slate for vote at the November annual meeting.
b) Nominations can be taken from the floor at this time.
c) A simple majority vote of members present at the general meeting and absentee votes that have been received before the deadline.

Article VIII: Executive Board
a) The executive board consists of officers and standing board members.
b) Board meetings are held the first week of the month at 6:00PM on an agreed upon day and location (This will be published in the newsletter).
c) The board meeting is open to all members who wish to attend.
d) Voting is limited to the officers and standing board members.
e) Meetings are held to address business old and new and to review information and formulate monthly agenda.

Article IX: Finances
a) Receipts and expenditures of the society shall be recorded in accordance with good business practices.
b) A bill or voucher identifying the purpose of payment shall identify all expenditures.
c) All receipts shall be identified as to source.
d) Board and general meetings shall approve prior approved expenditures over $100.
e) Annual financial reports on the health of ECBS shall be given.

Article X: Parliamentary Authority
Robert’s Rules of Order should govern proceedings not provided for.

Article XI: Amendments
a) By-Laws may be amended at meetings of the society provided that the proposed amendment has been submitted in writing to the executive board.
b) A second reading to be at the following meeting.
c) By-Laws can then be approved by a simple majority of the members present at a general meeting.